Case Study

Klondike “Best Conceived” Rich Media Campaign

Role: Animator, Flash Developer

The VIA Group approached me to develop and animate this package of Rich Media and standard ad units for Klondike’s big new product launch.

The creative had loads of animation potential. It was a fun opportunity to do a little character animation with a sexy candy bar making eyes at our hero, the Klondike Bar in a few different hook up scenarios.

The animation went through lots of iterations, from a Pepi Le Pew style, male seduction to the Jim-from-The-Office, look to the camera surprised concept we settled on.

The Rich units feature a two video interface with an animated expand/collapse.

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Case Study

The Science Channel’s “When The Earth Erupts” Graphics Package

Role: Animator, Motion Designer

NAHB approached me with the opportunity to do a complete show package, including title sequence and several minutes of complex info graphics per episode, for this show that aired on the Science Channel.

The schedule was compressed and the effects were difficult, with lots of dynamics and fluids. It was a chance to do some interesting stuff but I was under a very tight deadline during the entire production.

I used Maya for the 3D, After Effects for the compositing and Real Flow for the fluids and much of the dynamics. I sculpted the volcanos in Mudbox, and used GPS survey data for accurate maps with elevations.

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Case Study

The David Gallo redesign

Role: Designer, UX Specialist

Tony Award winning set designer David Gallo approached me to design and build his web portfolio which was a rare treat.

David is an artistic powerhouse with active productions on three continents, and among other things is the force behind the sets for Phish's annual New Years' shows at Madison Square Garden. Phish fans will recognize his giant flying hot dog, the campy golf set and the drummer-sized mirror ball.

Of course an accomplished designer like Mr. Gallo has a lot to bring to the table. The challenge was to keep his personality in the final product while making sure the site did it's job: effectively deliver information to the users. I wanted the site to show off Gallo's work, not the site itself, and to bring Gallo's work forward and push the UI back.

We delivered the site on time and it's been very well received, you can find it here.

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